Volcano Pacaya

I am still to update on the last day of the intpreid tour which was the option of climbing Volcano Pacaya. We had two options – 6.00 a.m or 2 p.m. – we all choose the morning hike. We had some very windy and foggy conditions so you couldn’t see much, some of the guys from El Hostal did the night hike and got some great sunset shots.

It took about 1.5 hours to get to the base, when we got off there were men and boys greeting us with cane poles saying ‘necessary’ but I refused. Then came the horses! There were horses that could help half-way up the volcano hike, that of course cost money, about 100 Q’s (12 bucks). The men on the horses were really pushing us to take the horses but we kept saying no as we wanted to hike all the way. So our group went up with the local guide who was powering up the volcano. Jane, Kathryn and I were down the back of the pack, right in front of the horses. The horses, about 5-6 in total, were right behind us and forcing our pace to go faster and faster. Their tactic for making us think we needed the horses and for us to stop, pay and get on. Well, it felt horrible, like we were being marched to a POW camp or something as they wouldn’t let us go behind them. Finally at the 2 km mark, they gave up and we were free to enjoy the walk to the top. It was very windy and cold conditions, with a steep climb to the top. But at the top, the joy of toasting marshmellows from the heat of the volcano was so sweet and fun! We ate heaps of them and they heated up in seconds, with the goo running down my fingers.

Go Jane go!

What I think the moon would look like!


View from half-way


Go Jane go!


Me finished my marshmellows!


Nice shot of us on the top toasting marshmellows – good one of Jeremy


Sam handing a toasted marshie out


Thought this was a classic so just had to put it in of Kathryn! She reminded me of my sister Keshena, only taller and pommy!