Little Bay

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Saturday was an adventure day out to Little Bay, I had never been before but my friend Steph raves about it and I can see why. I bought a bougatsa (custard and cinnamon wrapped in filo pastry) at Greek Cakes at Maroubra Junction and took the L94 bus down to the bay, as I got off the bus I started to go in the direction where I saw the water. The surrounds looked like the plush resorts I had seen in Hawaii, there are apartments and a golf course that I walked by to get to the beach of Little Bay (Craig would love it). As I meandered down, I heard what I thought was a wedding reception as there were shouts, clapping and nicely dressed people spilling out of a tiny hall. A little way down, there was an actual wedding in the church that looks out to the bay, so not sure if there were two weddings or just one. I walked down and the view made me stop, the green plush smooth greens of the golf course on my right and the gorgeous outlook in the centre. I sat on the beach eating my yummy pastry, then explored the rest of the rocky area and sat drinking in the sun on a rock. As I went to go home via the golf course, I ran into some Irish guys teeing off from the fourth hole, we had a bit of banter as I watched one of the guys tee off! All in all a lovely afternoon as I finished off with the pretty pinks and purples of the sunset on Maroubra beach.