I have lived in Sydney, Australia most of my life but the travel bug recently hit me again – travelling to L.A., Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba in January 2013. I started Urban Eyes after my first experience blogging with the travel blog Flight Two Two Is Off To Honolulu but WordPress offered more, so I started another blog because I love to write and take photos. Over time the blog has changed, just as aspects of my life have changed; travelling overseas it became a travel blog but when I came back home I didn’t want to stop so I just kept on going. This blog documents anything that intrigues, inspires and makes me smile. I love my family, friends, being on my own, nature, the beach, travel, film, reading, listening to music, dancing, talking and laughing.

Professionally, I have done a bit of everything with experience in project management, website technical support and eLearning. I hold a BA and a Graduate Certificate in Interactive Multimedia, working in various industries such as not-for-profit, publishing and higher education. I also volunteer for the not-for-profit organisation Portrait Equality as the Content Manager.

Majority of my photos are taken with a Ricoh GR Digital IV point n shoot camera – 6mm f/1.9 lens (35mm equivalent: 2Cristen Boorman8mm) fixed lens. I have started a personal photography project inspired by my friend Linda Chiarella; she has taken a photo a day for a year and posted it on her blog 365 days in a Flash. She has just finished her year and I thought it was such a great idea that I would continue on where she left off, it maybe an image or a gallery but the purpose is to get my camera out and start snapping. To commit time to developing my photography skills, with my goal to understand how light can make my photos better and to experiment with different settings and techniques whilst documenting a year of my life.

– Cristen Boorman 2014